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Southern Under 14 Boys Youth Cup

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Round of 32,R32

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9:00 AM
Sat 16 May
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Match Centre
  Beachside 3  
def. Beachside  
  Olympia 0  
Sandown Park (Map)
BYE   Hbt Jeep Zebras  
BYE   Skilleroos  
BYE   Sth Hobart Red  
BYE   Sth Hobart Blue  
BYE   Olympia 14G  
BYE   King. Lions Blue  
BYE   Clarence Red  
BYE   Southern FC  
BYE   Glen. Knights  
BYE   King. Lions  
BYE   Junior NTC Blue  
BYE   Hbt Jeep Zebras 14G  
BYE   Taroona  
BYE   Junior NTC Green  
BYE   Beachside 14G