Team Managers


Role purpose:

To provide a single point of contact for the Club, team players and team coach by:

 - Undertaking the administrative duties for the team

 - Managing any issues that may impact the effectiveness of the team



The Team Manager is responsible for the following:

Act as the contact point for parents and players who need to communicate with the Club or Coach on all issues affecting their team. Any enquiries that cannot be handled by yourself or need to be referred to the Club should be directed through the Club Delegate, in writing.

Support the coach by assisting them in any administrative duties, and informing the coach of any changes to training or game times, match venues, absences of any players and any relevant issues such as specific player or parent issues or needs.

Find a replacement coach if the coach is unavailable for a game or training session. In the event that you are unable to find someone to fulfil this duty, it is at the team’s discretion to cancel training, or have a parent or family member fill during that session or game.

Find replacement players if a player of your team is unavailable to play a game and the game is likely to be impacted by their absence. Please see the attached policy from the HBA in regards to fill-ins. If a player that was not registered at the commencement of the season and has joined the team full time, they must be registered with the club through Sporting Pulse. There is no guarantee that the team member will be eligible for finals if this has not been completed, and the association has approved the player. If their name is not printed on the sheet, they have not registered.

HBA Player Registration & Restrictions

Throughout the season – ensure that members of the team are eligible for finals in accordance with the eligibility list posted by the HBA. These are found on the website. 

Insurance Claims:



a) Ensure that you advise your team members of first game of the season.

b) Organise your team’s roster allocating all parents to scoring

c) After the grading period, the association will review each division to ensure that each are competitive. The Club will contact you if there has been a change in your division. If team members believe they have been placed in an unfair division, please contact the club during the first three weeks, in which this matter will be raised with the association. In this event there will be new fixtures available on the HBA website:



Ensure that if the coach is under the age of 18, a parent is available to support the coach in managing behaviour and injuries. Please explain the importance of this role to the parents so that they fulfil their responsibilities. In the event that the rostered parent is not available please ensure that they organize a replacement.



At each game ensure that:

a) All players registered with the club are on the scoresheet. If there are any discrepancies, please notify the club to resolve this issue.   

b) Any fill in players complete the back of the sheet correctly. The club must be notified of any fill-in players that wish to join the team and play finals. Players not registered are considered as a fill-in, even if they take part in every game of the season, and will not be eligible to play finals. It is HBA policy to ensure player safety and integrity of the game. Once a player has registered with the club, the delegate will request that the player be added to the team.

c) Fill-ins must write their full name, DOB, mobile number and email address on the back of the scoresheet in every match that they play in prior to the commencement of the game. In addition, the player’s full name must be written on the front of the scoresheet in the player list. Unregistered players (fill-ins) are not eligible to accrue games played for finals eligibility purposes.

b) The parent on scoring duty is available on the day and is familiar with both the operation of the clock and the completion of the score sheet. If they are new or unfamiliar with the process, please ensure that you arrange assistance for them. On experience, it has proven worthwhile having a second parent assisting the scorer for critical games such as the semi- or grand finals.



a) The Club Delegate will contact all teams as to the eligibility of players, and if they may be in danger of not qualifying for finals. Confirmation of eligibility will be published by the HBA on their website throughout the season. If there are any discrepancies, please notify the Club immediately.

b) If your team has finished in the top 4 teams for the season, you will be playing in the finals competition. The game times and venues for each final round will be made available to in the week of the game. 

If you have any queries on the above or need any assistance at any time, please contact the Club on



Further Hawthorn Basketball Association Policy and Procedures:

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