Fees are set by the Falcons Basketball Club Committee at the start of each season. The fee includes the registration and match fees set by the HBA, HBA insurance fee, court hire for training and coaches payments.



The HBA will publish the fixture prior to the commencement of the season. Please note that the first three games (six games in winter) are grading games. Once these games have been played, some teams may change grades, to ensure fairness in the competition. A revised fixture is published by the HBA after the grading games have taken place.




The team manager should notify team members and the coach if there are any changes to training time and venue. If you have a bye or are not playing a match due to a long weekend, it is up to the manager and the coach to decide if there will be training the week before. 

You need to notify your team manager if your child will not be attending training. If for some reason the majority of players are going to be absent (eg school camp), it is up to the team manager and the coach to decide whether to cancel that week’s training.  

Please make arrangements for the timely pick-up of your child after training. If there is a delay, a parent on duty should stay with the child and contact the parent (see parent contact list) and make appropriate arrangements. At least one parent at the training session should have a copy of the parent contact list with them in case of emergency.


Training Venues

Falcons Basketball Club team’s training venue is booked for the team’s allocated training day and time, from the week prior to Round 1 of the Hawthorn Basketball Association fixture, up to, and including the week prior to the last game on the fixture.

Venues are not booked during School Holidays, or on Public Holidays.

Finals: Training Venues will be booked for teams that are participating in the finals.


Scoring and Training Roster
Your team manager will provide a scoring roster at the start of the season.

If you have not scored before, sit with another parent who knows how to score for a couple of weeks to learn the procedure. A comprehensive guide to Scoring is available on the HBA website under Information. 


Heat Policy

The Falcons Basketball Club operate under the HBA Heat Policy Guidelines for training and games and these are contained on the HBA website under Information. 


Policy & Procedures 


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